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As we continue the fight against the defining healthcare crisis in modern history, HCM and the American Nurses Association proudly announce the debut of the American Nurse Heroes TV program, premiering June 24 on the Discovery Life channel.

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Where to Watch

Thursday, June 24 8pm
Friday, June 25 12am
on the Discovery Life channel

Saturday, June 26 10am
on Destination America

Saturday, June 26 11am
on the American Heroes Channel

Saturday, June 26
NBC LX National Digital Net: 12-1p
NBC New York: 12-1p
NBC Chicago: 11a-12p
NBC Philadelphia: 12-1p
NBC DC: 12-1p

Sunday, June 27
NBC Dallas: 10-11a

* Central, Mountain and Pacific times zones: please check local listings.

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Get your commemorative American Nurse Heroes Special Edition

This special supplement marks 1 year since the COVID-19 pandemic was first identified and recognizes nurses’ work, struggles, losses, and triumphs. We urge you to read the personal stories of five of your colleagues in “Nurse heroes of the pandemic,” delve into some of the practical recommendations offered in the clinical advice articles, and reflect on how the pandemic is affecting all aspects of the nursing profession in the nurse viewpoint articles.

American Nurse Heroes TV Special with HealthCom Media

The American Nurses Association (ANA), Al Roker Entertainment, and HealthCom Media, publisher of American Nurse Journal, have joined forces to produce a multi-channel campaign to celebrate the heroic work of nurses and the positive impact they have on our nation in this time of crisis—and beyond.

HCM extends our gratitude and appreciation to all our nursing friends for your compassion, dedication, innovation, and unique sacrifices.